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Youth project for climate justice

The project "Youth for more Climate Justice" continues. For this purpose, the Youth Commission has gathered leaders from the communities of San Julián, Chilamate and El Jardín to do workshops on the environment, clean-ups in the communities and a closing worship service.

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This project was made possible through the donation of Lutheran Sister Sandra Guthans, whom we wish many blessings for her solidarity to our church.

Activities included various workshops on recycling, waste collection, and information to empower young people to engage in the climate justice project and raise awareness of climate action and measures in the church's faith communities.


A devotional was also held in which participants reflected on the text of Genesis 1:31

And God looked at everything he had made, and he was very pleased.  

Our responsibility is to care for all of his creation because it is good and to protect the common home of all. God is a God of justice who protects, loves and cares for the weakest of his creatures. In this sense, it is important to promote a harmonious coexistence with nature and all creation.


Other topics of discussion included the impact on agriculture, especially in Central America, one of the areas most affected by climate change. The region suffers particularly from floods, which in turn destroy infrastructures, services and, of course, tourism.

Faced with this situation, we as a prophetic church are called to speak out and advocate for the protection of the environment. We must identify local leaders who can carry out these tasks and stop the exploitation of the environment in the area by learning to manage their own environmental rights.


Young Karol Silva points out that Costa Rica's biodiversity is being affected by climate change, and that these effects bring a high risk of extinction of certain species and many other changes in flora and fauna. This in turn leads to a greater frequency and intensity of parasite- and disease outbreaks.



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