Iglesia Luterana Costarricense

una iglesia sin paredes.

II Symposium on Queer Theology

As a fundamental part of the Trans Formando project promoted by the Costa Rican Lutheran Church, a contextual liturgy was held in the facilities of the Ecumenical Research Department (Departamento Ecuménico de Investigaciones/DEI).

trans dei webdei trans1This activity was part of the celebration of the II Symposium on Queer Theology, with the participation of theologians, students and academics from Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and the United States (Chicago). Clerics and three Bishops of the Ancient Church of the Americas also participated.

These types of activities are of great importance for the Trans Formando project because they promote the creation of alliances both nationally and internationally, allowing for greater theological impact at the global level, especially in the ecclesial sphere.dei trans4

The liturgy was held jointly, where the biblical readings were read by trans activists Andrés Herrera from Chile, anthropologist Rene from Mexico and Lorna Umaña from Costa Rica. The preaching was done by lay pastor Alexa Araya of ILCO.

The institution was officiated by the Brazilian Clericó Bob Liuz Botello who also symbolically asked the Eucharistic elements to cite names of trans and identitary people that we wished to share the Eucharistic table with. Brazilian cleric David de Jesus was in charge of the music and technical functions.

Reverend Bishop Hugo Cordova from Argentina stressed the importance that the Old Church should follow an inclusive gospel, that it was time to open the opportunity to ordain trans pastors and even think about ordaining trans bishops.

The lay pastor Alexa Araya tells us that unfortunately the trans population is doubly marginalized, which makes them fight several simultaneous battles, not only in the social and economic sphere, but also in the ecclesial sphere. Trans vicars are systematically and disguisedly excluded from an ordination and from the pastoral body through an invented ecclesiology that is adapted according to the interest of the dominant group.

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